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    Flash .swf Flash Player


      This is what I'm trying to do:
      Create a .swf Flash movie as an interface that will hold media controls (play, pause, stop, track bar, volume, remaining time, mute, etc)
      Have a side bar list with all the movies I can load up to the player with the lenght.
      Every movie that can be uploaded is a .swf flash movie that may be a presentation with sounds and even interactivity (tutorial like)

      I have experience in several programming languages (php, c++, javascript, java, asp, etc) and also with dreamweaver, a bit of fireworks, and I'm learning Flash (I've learned some basic stuff like the simple moving animations and buttons)

      I'd also need some sort of file reading system to read some config files, that will have the title of every movie, and maybe the lenght???

      I've been checking out the ways to embed video, like MovieClip, MovieClipLoader, FLVPlayback, and now I'm confused... :(
      What should I use to do what I intend to do? what would be the best approach? what would be the easier approach?

      I'd appreciate that you point me into the right direction, what should I learn? where to look for the info?

      Thanks in Advance!