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    Window Positioning

    IainCliffe Level 1
      Hi All,

      I need to be able to specify the help window either as a percentage of the screen size or, failing all else, specify it under programmatic control. This is necessary as clearly entering absolute values (via the Window dialogue form in Robohelp) will result in silly sizes for either high or low resolution monitors depending on the values entered.

      There must surely be a way to say I want the window to be x% by y% - this seems the only sensible metric to use to ensure compatibility across monitors.

      Any suggestions ?
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          Pete Lees Level 2

          There's not really anything you can do on the CHM side about this because, when specifying the dimensions and position of the help window, you are permitted to enter pixel values only. This is a limitation of Microsoft's design of HTML Help.

          When calling the CHM from an application, you can use Windows API calls to adjust the size of the help window. (For example, I think this is essentially what Microsoft does with the online help for the Office applications.) The following page provides some sketchy information, but I think you'd probably need to hunt around the MSDN site for the full details:


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            IainCliffe Level 1
            Ok - looks like the programmatic route then.

            Can anyone help with the following :

            How do I call a DLL from within the CHM file ?
            How (or can I) do it at startup - that is, before the window becomes visible ?
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              As I understand it you need to use the.dll from the calling application. There are security issues with calling .dll's fro a .chm rthat make it unlikely.