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    at my wits end

      I have been trying to do what I thought would be a very simple project. I created a 3d environment with simple objects I would like the user to be able to re-arrange in that environment. I would like the user to be able to rotate around the model so they can see it from the front, top, back and bottom.

      Using the built in 3d behaviors I assign command to move an object on each axis separately, and to rotate on the x axis. This all works fine until I rotate the camera to a new position. Once the camera moves, the x,y and z axis of the objects seem to follow the camera, so now a vertical or front to back move is no longer on the correct plane.

      I thought it might be the program I created the model it, but it acts the same if I use Maya, Studio Max or Shape shifter.

      Any idea what I am doing wrong and how I can fix it?

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          ensamblador Level 1
          I think that the axis of the model don't follow the camera, that is the reason of your problem.

          Use the following sintax for rotating the models:

          member(whichCastmember).node(whichNode).rotate(position, axis, angle {, relativeTo})

          position=position of the model
          axis= vector indicating the axis of rotation, use a camera axis (x,y or z)
          angle= the angle

          With this, the model will always rotate in the same way, no matter the camera transform.