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    Deploying Flash on Windows Mobile PDA or Smartphone

    saratogacoach Level 1

      I'm an e-Learning content developer, beginning to create content in Flash using small screens (216X216) to deploy on PDA's and Smartphones. Currently, I can export/publish an HTML file plus a SWF file, transfer these to a handheld device running Pocket PC or Windows Mobile. Click on the HTML file and, with a Flash player for Pocket PC installed, the Flash file plays nicely.

      However, instead of the end-user needing to transfer 2 files to their handheld PDA/Smartphone, I've discovered that there is a way to create a single standalone executible file (.exe) which a Flash player can play on the viewer's device.

      I've only come across one program, Zinc, which can generate these executible files from the SWF, and its expensive (lite version at $299, with more features at $499).

      Is anyone aware of less expensive alternatives that can create the executible? Would Flash 8 have this feature? Even though equally priced or more, it would be a better alternative to a program with more limited functionality (basically creation/deployment of executible's).

      Any help would be apprecaited.

      Kind Regards,