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    proplem with LocalConnection() timing

    Dewdan Level 1
      Hi there,
      I am doing and hybrid site, i have 2 movie in an htm page, one is the navigation and other will have images , i have use LocalConnection()
      to let the other movie tell the navigation to go to a certain frame to mark the page is located.
      Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
      here is the adress for the Dev site: the test site
      only the 2 first buttons of the botom works.
      just try to refresh the page and see that the navigation status don't fuction.
      If you are luky you'll see it work on loading url.

      here is the url for the navigation check the last tree buttons (without link yet) the url of swf

      After running some test i realice that when i empty cache it works but thats it.
      I beleive it is to do with the fact that the image SWF loads first on the page and then the navigation.
      And since is the navigation that receives it is not present when receiving.

      I would really appreciate some help.