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    passing parameters not working...(Re: detecting mouse over text field..

      I was not sure if I should open another topic for this, but since I had already marked the other one as answered... I have a little problem... I tried to make the function startTextLoop accept a parameter (because i want to do the same process with some other texts on the screen, and I wanted to use the same function). The function works if I don't pass a parameter, but if I do, it stops working. Any idea why? I guess I am just still a little clueless with all this... thanks for taking the time....

      here's my code:

      var i:Number =0;
      var loop:Number;

      textwindow1_mc.onRollOver = function(){
      loop = setInterval(startTextLoop(textwindow1_mc), 200);
      textwindow1_mc.onRollOut = function(){

      function startTextLoop(textmovie:MovieClip){
      textmovie.text1_txt.text = my_texts ;
      if(i >= my_texts.length){
      i = 0;

      function stopTextLoop(){