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    miaw flashing

    Level 7
      I have a project that has a small stage and many miaw's where 3 are
      displayed at any one time. All 3 miaw's change every 10 seconds to other
      miaws from disk. These miaw's all have different background colors. In
      Director 8 when the miaw's change there is a sudden color change from, for
      example, green to red, the backgrounds of the former and new miaw's
      respectively. But when I update the movies to MX and run the project, I get
      a white flash when the miaw's change. So using the previous example, I see
      the old green background then when the movie changes, I see a white flash
      then the red movie.

      Can anyone help with this and tell me what I need to do to get rid of the
      white flash?

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