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    IDE problems

      There are a couple of problems with the IDE that were acceptable in Beta releases, but should have been fixed for the Release.
      1. The compiler (builder) reports each problem 3 times. A minor problem, but one would think easy to fix??
      2. IDE crashes during builds. It is hard to tell what is going on when the crash occurs but it may be related to thread timing issues?? It seems to happen more often if I start a build right after doing a save or save all. Also if I do a clean after starting the IDE the odds appear to increase for a crash. I know that's not much help. However it is frustrating because sometimes after I get a crash I can't get a clean [non-crach] build until I reboot, which is a pain.
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          Hi David. If you have been using any previous Beta release of Flex or FlexBuilder, we strongly recommend that you discard any Workspaces and Projects that were created with those previous releases (of course don't throw away your source code!). After you create a new workspace and project, see if the problems go away. If not, could you give some more details on what you're seeing - what is the exact text of the problem that's being reported 3 times, what is the line of source code that causes the problem, any other info that you think might help us understand the problem.

          If you are still seeing crashes then could you give us the exact text of the crash message.


          Mark Shepherd
          FlexBuilder Engineering
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            DavidBPrice Level 1
            I created a new workspace then copied my as and mxml source tree to the new workspace folder, then added all the applications to the workspace via the properties/Flex Applications dialog. I can tell you or show you an error taht gets repeated 3 times in the problems pane, but since this happens for ALL errors and warnings I'm not sure how much help that would be?
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              Heidi Williams Level 1
              Hi David,

              By any chance do you have mutliple Application files in your project? And are the errors/warnings coming from component files and AS files that are included by each of the Application files? It is possible that you are seeing one error/warning per Application file which is expected because each Application is a separate compile with separate dependent files. Let me know if you feel you are seeing something different in which case we should look at your files to determine if you've found an odd bug in the compiler.

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