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    Link to a Drop-down Hotspot

    CRO1 Level 1
      Hello All,

      Can someone point me in the right direction to accomplish the feature listed below. The feature needs to work in WebHelp and in a .chm file on Windows XP platform.

      Two topics in a help file. Topic two has two drop-down hotspots each hotspot has a bookmark: bkmk1 and bkmk2.
      When the user displays topic two, they can click a showall button to display the hotspot texts.
      Topic one as text which links to the respective drop-down hotspots.
      User clicks the text on topic one. Topic two displays in a pop-up to the hotspot location. The user clicks the hotspot to view the text.

      What I would like

      Is it possible to modify the code to open the applicable hotspot on topic two when the user clicks the link on topic one?