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    mpeg video troubles

    frashjiveturkey Level 1

      I'm making a cross platform CD-ROM with several video files in mpeg-1 format on it. It all works fine on the Mac, but windows takes an age to pre load the video clips before it can play them (works fine from the hard drive, but takes several seconds from CD-ROM). Also when running from a CD-ROM on PC, the fast forward and rewind functions don't work correctly from CD on PC (they appear to pause until you release the button whereupon the video suddenly jumps forward or backward)

      Is this just down to the way that Windows deals with MPEG-1 or does anyone have any tips that could fix this?
      Mpeg-1 has to be the format used, as no third party software can be needed on the users machine (so windows media, real and quicktime specific formats are out).

      Thanks in advance,
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          Hi Deryck,

          Are you using any Xtras? I've used MPEG-1 a lot on CDs for the same reason as you -
          an all purpose format that works on Macs, PCs and has little system requirements
          for end users. i use the MPEG Advanced Xtra which is very good, is cross platform
          and doesn't require additional software when the Xtra is bundled with the

          I have run unto a few problems with MPEG not playing smoothly. There are quite a
          few technotes on the MPEG Xtra site that I've found helpful. One issue I came
          across was that there was an audio and/video problem that is sometimes created with
          Cleaner or other encoders. I use TMPGEnc for all my Windows MPEG-! encoding as it
          gives great resells.

          Anyway, tell me more about your problem, if you are using an Xtra and maybe can
          help further if what I've said hasn't already.


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            frashjiveturkey Level 1
            I'm using MpegAdvance. The videos are supplied to use from a production company. I'll ask them if they're using cleaner - I know the use final cut and so mostly I think they use Compressor for this stuff. But I'll check.