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    Development Enviroment Da Kine

      Question 1 - Can I format-reformat the code view ?
      Questions 2 - Can I somehow make a code wide changes - say changing all textArea to textInput.
      Questions 3 - I use dual monitors and I want to open Flex to my exact preferences, but on starting program all windows always return to default position.
      Question 4 - The Building Workspace and Launching are agonizingly slow. Is this normal? The squirrel in computer gets really tired.
      Question 5 - Can some one point me to a list of keyword (I discoved '&' is a faux-pas in text?)
      Question 6 - The swf files seem big. Is there a way so save and compact.

      This is my 2nd day doing this and in my opinion lots of hub-bub in the starting instructions, installation, etc. I discovered the code_examples application on the Adobe example page demo and this seems like a far better and faster way to get up to speed this than the bloated help utility...where is the Flex for Dummies book?

      Question 7 - I need to get up to speed using cold fusion with this...any quick start references for this...I hate to read.