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    this._not total frames

    Brian Battles
      I am creating a preloader that will be a countdown: 10, 9, 8... My idea is to place the numbers on separate frames with an action at each of those frames telling it to go to the next number/frame after a certain number of frames in the animation has downloaded, allowing the timeline to advance to each number along the way. The action for the number 1 will be to play the main animation because at that point the whole file would be loaded.

      I looked in the Flash Help and online for tutorials. The only script I can find is (this._framesloaded<this._totalframes) I don't want total frames for the number 10. I want it to advance to my number 9 when frame 20 is loaded, then advance to my number 8 when frame 40 is loaded, etc.

      Can someone point me somewhere to find out this answer, or guide me here in the forum?