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    SWF not looping

      Ok, probabbly the easiest question in the world, but it has to be asked, i've looked everywhere. I used flash to make a .swf file, and now i want to put that into dreamweaver. i do so, but when played back in preview or when published, it doesnt loop, even when the loop box is checked in the properties. i have to have missed something very obvious, but any help would be appreciated.

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          Wolf_van_Ween Level 1
          Did you put a stop(); somewhere?
          If not, explain what you did in detail.
          Of course it should loop. There's really nothing you could have missed.
          Oh, did you use any of the templates?
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            Pro_Penguin Level 1
            Allright heres what i did. i started out with a .avi file, took it and put it into the video converter to turn it into a .flv file. Normally i would have put it into dreamweaver directly, however when i try to do so, it gives me an error, saying that that change conflicts with a template or something and will be disguarded. so it wont let me do that. Therefore, i took the .flv file and put it into a flash document, it appears as one frame, then export it from there as a .swf. Now Dreamweaver will allow me to import that file without any errors, but it will not loop. when it ends it reverts back to its first frame. i havent put in any stop commands or actually any commands at all, so i doubt thats the problem. I'd just like it to loop indefinatley if at all possibble. also, to troubleshoot i allready checked to see if it looped just in the player, again when it was previewed in browser in dreamweaver, and again again when it was actually published to the website.

            thanks again
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              Pro_Penguin Level 1
              bump :)
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                Nickels55 Level 2
                Quick question, you want just the flv (video) to loop inside of the swf file correct?
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                  Pro_Penguin Level 1
                  Yes, that would work probabbly, or to just have the swf file loop in dreamweaver itself. either way i need the movie to loop one way or another.
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                    Nickels55 Level 2
                    Open the flash file back up and put this actionscript on the page containing the flv playback component:

                    var vidList : Object = new Object();
                    vidList.complete = function() {
                    vid.addEventListener ("complete",vidList);

                    Make sure the FLVplayback component has the name of vid and that you replace flv-file-name.flv with your flv file's actual name. The movie will end then start over forever.