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    CFLDAP Login

      I was wondering if anyone can help me, not even sure how to ask this but here it goes:

      We have a client here at work, who use to use OUs as a means of figuring out what access they do and don't have for their site, they are now switching to "groups" and I can't figure this out.

      Basically, I need a general way of going about doing this, so if they're in G_Administrators, then they will get admin access (by using
      <cfif session.dn CONTAINS "G_Administrators"> (this is where it looks by the seesion being set, session needs to be set by looking at the cfldap query)

      <cfset session.clearance = "A">
      <cfset session.clearance = "T">

      When trying this all I get is a "blank" screen, same thing you would get if a user got moved to the wrong ou, but now I'm getting this because the code was designed for OUs and not groups.

      Also, which Active Directory fields are used.. like what field is used for the group name?

      Any help would be appreciated

      Thanks in adavanced!

      I hope I'm not being too confusing on what I'm trying to do..
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          CldFusn Level 1
          Well I did find a solution for the problem, and here is what I did (to put it simply) just in case someone else has a similar issue.

          What I did was add "memberOf" in the attributes with the actual CFLDAP query, this way I would be able to pull up the information.

          The group that a user is in determines the access he/she will have on their website. My example below I will use G_Administrators, this is the group with admin access.

          <cfif QueryName.memberOf CONTAINS "CN=G_Administrators">

          <cfset session.clearance = "A">
          <cfset session.clearance ="NA">


          The "A" is for admin access, set in the session and the “NA” is (Not Admin), so any user not in G_Administrators will not have admin access to the website.

          I hope this helps for anyone who is having a similar issue.