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    pop up problem

    koomisan Level 1
      i want to make a costum pop up window that will open up in the size of the image being loaded. the images are called through an array, so i would like to have a function that costumizes the size and opens the pop up window
      does anyone know how to do it?
      i have been told its with javascript, but is there also away in actionscript?
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          You have to use JavaScript to open the new window. There is many way to do that. I'll give you the way I use. In you html page, you have to insert a code inside you <head> tag. This code is the one that you can see at the bottom of this thread. In your Flash, you just have to call this function and pass to it 3 parameters.

          1- yourLinkForYourJPG is the url of your img. That is a string
          2- theImgWidth is the width of your img. That is a number
          3- theImgHeight is the height of your img. That is a number

          myBtn.onRelease = function():Void { getURL("JavaScript:openImg('yourLinkForYourJPG', theImgWidth, theImgHeight)"); }

          Hope that can help