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    Navigation Pane and Topic Pane

      I am new to RoboHelp. I just did a tutorial and feel like I understood it. I completed my own project, and it worked fine. However, the project I need to work on was begun by someone else at the company I work for, and when I access her project via RoboHelp XML, it is missing the Project Manager, TOC, Index, etc. in the Navigation Pane on the left side, and the Topics Pane on the right side only has Wysiwyg and True Code (missing Links and Topics). When I go up to Tools and choose Pane, I get three options (Tools, TrueCode, and Wysiwyg), and the options I desire aren't there. Since the tutorial taught me how to use RoboHelp using those missing items, I am lost without them. I am hopeful that someone can talk me through getting those back to my screen. Thanks.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum

          First of all is the project on a network drive? If it is move it to your hard disk.

          If that makes no difference, I wonder if RH was installed for the previous writer and you are using the same PC? RH must be installed using the logon for the user, that is your logon and you must have admin rights at the time of installation.

          This though is not the usual way that problem reveals itself so I am not too optimistic. It is nonetheless the what I would try.

          Post back whether or not those ideas make any difference.

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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            Just looking a bit further, click on View. Is Left Hand View ticked?

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              tech_writer_4_Plexis Level 1

              Left-hand view was checkmarked. When I uncheckmarked it, the Wysiwyg Editor expanded across the screen, filling it left to right, and I entirely lost the pane on the left-hand side which had the Tools Tab. So, I put the checkmark back in.

              I do not have the same hard drive as she had. I had to ask the IT guys here to install RoboHelp. I would not have the same user logon as she had. Would that make a difference? The tutorial I did did not address version control (it's more advanced than I am). If she had used this feature, would that explain those missing items? What about some kind of password protection?

              I tried moving the project to My Computer, but that didn't help. The woman I am replacing had stored this project in Visual Source Safe as well as on her Shared drive here at the company. I can access them "regularly" (meaning not via RoboHelp) in either place. I can access the ones on her Shared drive via RoboHelp, but that's when I get the version without Project Manager, TOC, Index, Topics List, Links, etc. When I try accessing the version that's in Visual Source Safe, I can't get in.

              I really appreciating that you are helping me!!!

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                RoboWizard Level 4
                Hi all

                tech writer 4 Plexis, what you are describing is the exact behavior you would see if you used RoboHelp to simply open a topic page and not the project. A RoboHelp project consists of many "behind the scenes" files. .HHK, .HHC, .XPJ etc. If you open a project, you are opening either a .HHP or .XPJ file. Possibly a .MPJ file if the project and RoboHelp version are older than version X5.

                If you simply open a single .HTM file, (Which RoboHelp HTML DOES allow you to do) you aren't within the context of a project, therefore you do not see the TOC, Index and other items, as you are simply editing an HTML page.

                Cheers... Rick