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    Static text as mask doesn't work

    Level 7
      I'm creating a button that uses static text as both content and as a
      mask (to create an inner shadow effect). The static text is in a
      symbol. It looks perfect in the IDE, but when I test the movie or
      publish it, the mask doesn't work. I originally had the text in a
      graphic symbol and that caused the mask to be completely ignored. I
      changed the symbol to a MovieClip, and that behaves differently. The
      mask is no longer ignored, but now the mask layer itself appears and
      covers up the other layers.

      I've googled for this problem and have seen many comments about it. The
      typical solutions seem to be to convert the text to a symbol (already
      done) and use static text (already done). Yet it still doesn't work.
      I'm using Flash MX 2004.

      Please help. Thanks.