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    LIVE audio stereo stream

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      Hi there,

      I'm looking for a way to offer a LIVE audio stereo stream to the web client using Shockwave plug-in.
      I was "banging my head off forums and search engines" (as flashcomguru nice says) for some weeks
      to find a way to stream LIVE audio stereo to Flash Media Server but I couldn't find one viable direct
      solution for this platform.
      The client Flash Media Server app uses Microphone.get method to capture sound from soundboard
      which unfortunately is mono. it uses a speech Nellymoser codec, at which music sounds pretty OK at 44Khz.
      Possible solution: I can capture the LIVE line-in stereo sound using two soundcards and thus beeing able to
      create two sepparate mono audio streams one for left, one for right using the only available Microphone.get method.
      It will then maybe need some synchronization server scripts later.
      The trick is: In Director I use two .swf movies (action script controlled) to connect to server
      and play the streams but I couldn't find a way to direct the streams to a specific channel
      (one of the 8 available) from which point I can use the LINGO Sound Channel PAN property, like this:

      sound(1).pan = 100 for right
      sound(2).pan = -100 for left

      From all that I read I came to the conclusion that you can use the Sound Channel PAN property only to
      .swa imported and prerecorded audio cast members, not to the live audio stream which is played roughly
      in the main sound output channel to which I can't apply the Sound Channel PAN property.
      The key is to route those two streams left and right in Director.

      Any hints?

      Thanks for reading,

      My deepest respect,