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    want swf to play as graphic is clicked


      Flash 8 prof newbie

      If you go to http://www.enhancedwireless.net/Technology/keyMech.shtml and see the graphic illustration on the page - with all the wireless devices and car - I want for a viewer to see this at 1st but have the option of clicking anywhere on this graphic (or maybe a specific button if better) and seamlessly the graphic starts to play in place...within the same graphic area.

      So how would I do this - I would like the graphic as you see it now to have all those lines to each device still there as the default image a viewer sees, then when they click on the image, the swf would play starting on its first frame with NO dotted lines, but the lines would grow out of each device (among other things happening) as the swf plays...then when the 3 scene swf is finished (about 12 sec or so) I would like for the original still graphic as you see it now to come back and remain until clicked on again.

      Thanks much for any insight into this.