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    leotemp Level 1
      I am using flex 2 Beta 3 -
      I am attempting to animate a canvas in a transition and then remove it from the screen after the animation ends so its not just sitting on the screen in its final animation state. I am scaling the canvas and a small example of the logic im using is below:

      <mx:AnimateProperty target="{elementID}" property="scaleX" fromValue="1" toValue="4" duration="500"/>
      <mx:AnimateProperty target="{elementID}" property="scaleY" fromValue="1" toValue="4" duration="500"/>
      <mx:Dissolve target="{elementID}" alphaFrom=".35" alphaTo="0.0" duration="500"/>
      <mx:RemoveChildAction target="{elementID}"/>

      As i said the transition works fine and the animation is exactly as i want it but the element that is animated is never removed :(

      Thanks to everyone that has anwered my questions before, you have allways been professional no matter how stupid my question was!