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    some gap bettween my tabbedpane and vbox.

    j2eesatish Level 1
      Hi i have placed one tabbed pane in my application. and 4 vboxes in that. I have put some wipedown effect for my vboxes and for my tabbed pane i have put green color. My intenction is the green color willbe visible for the user at the time of swiching the tab. everyting is fine. But i am getting some gap between my tabs and my vbox border. by that, one green color bar is visible for the user. How to remove the space on that top. Do we have any attributes to remove that gap.

      my sample code:
      <mx:TabNavigator borderStyle="solid" id="tabacc" width="640" height="600" change="disabletwo()" creationPolicy="all" hScrollPolicy="off" vScrollPolicy="off" backgroundColor=green" tabHeight="25" >
      <mx:VBox id="personPanel"
      label=" Member Info " width="640"
      height="600" hScrollPolicy="off" vScrollPolicy="off"
      marginTop="0" marginBottom="0" marginLeft="10"
      showEffect="resizeBig" hideEffect="resizeSmall"
      backgroundColor="white" >