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    Core topics greyed out in Print generation


      Having recently inherited a five manual Robohelp project (in X5), I've been encountering a few problems generating printed documentation. Perhaps the most difficult of these relates to redirected topics. As various information is produced redundantly in several manuals, it is easier to produce one core topic and place a redirect topic in each manual that links to the core, and itself contains no content.

      Unfortunately, print documentation needs to be linked to the core topic during generation. In order to do this, I remove all redirect topics from the TOC at generation, and replace them (via 'All folders') with the core topics they reference. However, these topics are displayed as greyed out, and they do not appear in the document on generation.

      Any help as to why these topics are not appearing is greatly appreciated!
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          This question is really for the Printed Documentation forum. However...

          It sounds like you are editing the online TOC each time. The TOC when you generated the printed documentation the first time provided the default print layout. However, in the second page of the wizard you can edit the layout there to something entirely different. The two are not linked.

          Essentially what you have is say five redirects going to one topic in the online help but in the print output you want the redirect out and the the one topic printed in those five locations. That should not be an issue and should only need setting up once.

          Take a look at the printed documentation topic on my site and see if that helps.

          Then if you still have problems, confirm my understanding and we will see what else we can come up with.

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            CroakerBC Level 1
            That seems to have helped; all the redirect topics are now finding their way to the printed docs. Thanks!