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    Place links to html-sites?

      Hello, anyone know how to set the links for html sites open in a frame with such a rollover navi?
      I can find this out, having on each button a site selected.
      Here's an example: http://rapidshare.de/files/24665028/rollovernavi.zip.html
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          hanshagel Level 1
          nobody can help?
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            Wolf_van_Ween Level 1
            I downloaded your file, but it's utterly unclear to me how this is supposed to work. You're not using any descriptive names, only "Sprite 16", "Shape 2", "Button 68" and so on. You don't have actionscript in one place, many string operations and few comments. All of this makes it really difficult for somebody else to understand what's going on.

            All I guess is that you try to construct links by using the text of the link, together with some base name. This somehow is taken from the variable "currentPageUrl" which never is initialized. Do you load this in via a Flashvar?
            Same for the variable "xmlUrl".

            Maybe you can try to describe in more detail what your problem is, or at least send a full set of files so we can try (with the html, the xml and what else is being loaded...)

            Sorry, I really tried
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              Nickels55 Level 2
              ..."Sprite 16", "Shape 2", "Button 68" ...

              ...looks like what you get when you use a Flash decompilier to create an FLA from someone else's SWF file.