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    mediadisplay 800x600

      here ius what i have on my first frame -

      fscommand("fullscreen", "false");
      fscommand("allowscale", "false");

      This works as it should but my question lies below:
      I want to use a myMedia.displayFull() on a button for the video but if i maximize the projector and click on the myMedia.displayFull() button, the video goes fullscreen. I expected this but what I would like to happen is without having to embed the video into a MC, I would like to be able to maximize the projector leaving my content inside of the 800x600 box and when i click on the video full screen button, the video only fill the 800x600 stage. i am assuming that there is a way to tell the media to increase to 800x600 instead of using a MC.