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    Pop Up Window

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      Hi ya.

      Just a quick question hopefully someone can help me as im stuck again. I have created my initial front (index html) page for my website, its a kind of entrance page asking if the user has flash etc. What i would like to happen is when the user clicks to enter my flash site (the main site appears in a pop up window) How is this done. Is it code put into the index page or is it something i set up within my flash movie?

      Thanks for any help

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          If your index.html is only html code without any flash:
          <a href="javascript: void(window.open('address.html', 'windowname', 'width=780, height=550' ))">Enter</a>

          If you click on a flash button:
          getURL("javascript: void(window.open('address.html', 'windowname', 'width=780, height=550' ))");

          Check your Flash Player security settings to allow javascript commands from Flash movies running on your local file system.