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    Navigation Bar Back Button Buggy

      The main timeline is setup with frame labels, (e.g. Slide_1)
      The forward button works fine, but the back (previous) btn must be clicked twice in order to go back.
      The code is below. Any advise is appreciated.

      // Go back and play starting from the last slide frame label.
      on( press ){
      var frameLabel:String;
      var slideNumber:String;

      slideNumber = _parent.nCurSlideIndex;
      if( slideNumber > 1 && _parent.backButtonClickedSlideNumber == slideNumber )
      _parent.backButtonClickedSlideNumber = slideNumber;
      if( slideNumber.charAt(0) == "0" )
      slideNumber = slideNumber.slice(1,-1);

      frameLabel = "Slide_" + slideNumber;
      if( _parent.nCurSlideIndex-1<= _parent.nNumOfSlides )