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    24-7 Prayer Sign Up

      Good morning everyone,
      I have a simple task that I need help with.
      Here's the situation:
      Time slots are chosen by random people in order to have at least one person praying at any time during a 2 day period.
      I would like to make an application for doing a simple sign up by users in order to cover the two day period.
      I'm thinking about using xml to populate the display swf and a form to take users times so I can populate the xml file manually.
      Is there anything I can do better?
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          what display? are you going to display the names of the people who have already signed-up?

          that might not be a good idea. it might be better to just reveal the open time slots and allow users to sign-up for an open slot.

          you'll need to use some server-side coding to store the info on the already assigned slots.
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            WebXperience Level 1
            Why are you creating the xml file manually. Using flash's components, you could develop a form and bind the data to a database, xml file or whatever. You can then display the data however you like: as a calendar grid, hourly grid or whatever.
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              krl Level 1
              Thank you both for the replies.

              kglad, I'll keep the full names seperate, but maybe put first names only.

              WebX, I am not familliar with using components. I am very interesting in reading more about what you're talking about. I planned for manually maintaining the xml file because I do not have a user database yet so in order to eliminate anonymous entries I decided to be the data entry point. I already have code for sending information about time slots via SMTP. Do you have any further reading/tutorials I can look at?

              Thanks again.

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                WebXperience Level 1
                Two books which I've found helpful are Shane Rebenschied's book, Flash MX 2004: Beyond the Basics and the two Macromedia Press Training From the Source books: Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX 2004 ActionScript.. Though they do not cover Flash 8, they do use actionscript 2.0 which is what Flash 8 shiped with. I think there are Flash 8 versions of all three books available. The three former books referenced have good practical examples and really helped me a lot. Also you could go to: . www.gotoAndLearn.com. There are quite a few FREE Flash 8 Video Tutorials that you can go through
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                  krl Level 1
                  Thanks WebX,
                  There seems to be a problem with my connection. The video about Flash/PHP/MySQL doesn't seem to get past about the first minute. I thought it was just downloading more information, but it hasn'e retrieved any more information.
                  Could you summarize the steps? If there's a static tutorial I could go through it too.
                  It'll be hard to get those books right now, but possibly later.
                  I am developing with Flash MX Pro.