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    Camtasia and Breeze: Do they play well together?

      Has any one had success using Camtasia generated .SWF files with Breeze Presenter? I am currently trying to integrate some content created with Camtasia into a Breeze Presenter project without success. I am pretty sure there is something simple that I am missing here. Does anyone have experience they can pass on?


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          jon_stark Level 1
          We thought long and hard about using camtasia because of some audio features that made things far easier than captivate. However, camtasia has a issue with removing their player controls that leaves a 1 pixel white border around their swfs (among other issues).

          We went rounds with their tech support, and while they were nice, they had no idea how to fix it, since it dealt with a core issue behind how they decided to use flash 8.

          Short answer...camtasia did not work for us. We're started pouring our efforts into making captivate a better product, so if you have any suggestions there that you'd like us to pass on, please let me know.
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            JC_77 Level 1
            Thanks very much for the feedback Jon.

            I managed to solve the problem. Turns out .SWF files will not work properly in Breeze Presenter if you are running Flash Player 9. The problem is the ppt2swf.dll which references an object that does not exist. Google the ppt2swf.dll to find the technote with the link for the fixed .dll.

            Another question for Breeze users with more experience than me. Is it possible to include player controls along with my .swf file if they reside in a seperate .swf? As far as I can tell Breeze works best with one .swf per slide.