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    accessing  variables from one layer.

      Hi all,
      I am new to falsh so please help. I have defined some variable at one layer say click origin and destination and i want to access that varibale on click event of a button.
      how to access that variable on another layer.

      Thanks in advance.
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          layers don't exist outside the authoring environment so they are not relevent to referencing variables. the only factors are the scope of the variable (ie, on what timeline is it defined and is it only local) and the timeline from which you're trying to access the variable.

          so, if you didn't prefix your variable with var and you know the path (relative or absolute) to your variable you would have no problem referencing it.

          to find the path you can always use trace(this) where the variable is defined and where the variable is accessed to see those absolute paths.