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    Coldfusion and FDS

    htezcan Level 1
      I am trying to learn the FDS CF interaction and have been going through the examples. I am stuck in Part 1: Creating and running a Contact Manager application. I am getting the error message "Unable to find Coldfusion Data Management Service in RMI registry on localhost. Flex Data Management Support may not be enabled.

      Coldfusion is installed as J2EE, so as FDS. Windows 2003 using IIS6 as webserver.

      Any ideas as I can not proceed.

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          Did you install the CFFlexConnector update ?
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            tomj Adobe Employee
            You will need to download and install the (free) ColdFusion MX 7.0.2 update. This include integration with the Flex FDS server for Messaging and Data Management.

            After you install 7.0.2 there will be a new link in the CF administrator under Data Services called "Flex Integration". This allows you to enable/disable the Flex Data Management support (should be enabled by default in 7.0.2). Along with configuring SSL (if needed) for the Flex<->CF connection and restricting the IP address of who is allowed to connect to the service.

            Hope that helps.