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    Why can't I see this flex app non-locally?

      I'm a CF developer and playing with Flex for the first time. I am finding very odd problems. For example: I just made my first demo file and I can view it just fine on the server where I made it (yah - I had to make it on the server - Flex refuses to install on my desktop, but that's another story) but I can't view it remotely. Yes, I have Flash 9 installed and working.
      You try it: can you see anything other than a pea-green blank screen here: http://www.poststat.net/traffic/demo/bin/demo.html ? Source code looks fine. If I swap in an old SWF file I had laying about, it loads that fine. If I try to load just the swf here (demo.swf) it does the same thing: blank green screen.
      What's UP?
      Please give me some ideas.
      Thanks so much,