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    CF Flexbuilder zip - does it exist??

      I've just installed the cf 7.02 update and Flex 2 and to integrate the instructions say find ColdFusion_FlexBuilder_Feature.zip...where??? It didn't install. I did find a file called cf_fb_extensions.zip. Is that it, renamed???? Very odd. This is supposed to be the CF plugin for Flex Builder 2.
      Let me know what's up with this please.
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          That seems to be the file. There are many misnamings of files from not updating documentation from earlier stages of the beta process. There shoudl be a html 'Installing the ColdFusion Extensions for Flex Builder 2.htm' file with the zip in your temp directory (usually at C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Installations\Adobe Flex Builder 2 \ColdFusion Extensions for Flex Builder ).

          Be interested to find out how you go as I have (with quite a few others) been stopped by flexbuilder refusing to recognise my coldfusion server root.

          hopefullly you will do better -cheers dan