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    How to stop video when changing slides?

      Any help will be greatly appreciated.

      I am not very good with flash, so forgive me if this is an easy answer that I SHOULD know, because I don't know it.

      What I am doing is putting together a gallery for my website in flash, it will contain video and photos. I thought (and might be wrong) that laying this out using the Slides in Flash 8 would be the way to go. So how I have it set up now is:

      1 - Main presentation area with navigation buttons/images on left side
      a - Video slide - where the video will be contained
      b. - Menus slide - where examples of DVD motion menus will be displayed
      c. - Labels slide - image samples of DVD labels are displayed here
      d. - Photos - samples of photography are displayed here

      What my problem is, is whenever I actually play the video clip, if I try changing slides by selecting the corrosponding button/image/link, the video (audio part) continues to play in the background. How do I get the video to stop playing and reset to the beginning so that when you go back to play the video again you press play and the video starts over? I hope this makes sense. I have searched all through this forum, the help docs, google and other Flash forums and have not found anything to help. I do not know if I need to set an actionscript to the different button/image/links in the main navigation area that stops the video, or if there is some actionscript or behaviors that I can set to the slide presentation itself that stops video from playing when you change slides.

      Again, any help will be greatly appreciated, I am running out of ideas and cannot figure this out.

      Thank you.