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    How can I Access the Flash "Slide class" using flex and ActionScript 3?


      I hope someone can help me solve a problem...

      I'm using the flex SwfLoader to load a flash side presentation as follows...
      <mx:SWFLoader id="ss_slides" source="ss_slides.swf" width="320" height="240"/>

      I would like to access the flash "Slide Class" using flex so I can make the following call...

      Anyone know how I can do that?
      Would it be through the SwfLoader Object?
      Is there another way?

      F.Y.I. Here is a snippets about the Slide class from the Flash 8 help...

      Using the Slide class (Flash Professional only)

      You use the methods and properties of the Slide class to control slide
      presentations you create using the Screen Outline pane for a Flash Slide
      Presentation, to get information about a slide presentation (for example, to
      determine the number of child slides contained by parent slide), or to navigate
      between slides in a slide presentation (for example, to create "Next slide" and
      "Previous slide" buttons).

      You can also use the built-in behaviors that are available in the Behaviors
      panel to control slide presentations. For more information, see Adding controls
      to screens using behaviors (Flash Professional only) in Using Flash.

      Chris S.