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    Auto-sizing Popup Error in Imagemap - RoboHelp X5

      I have included some auto-size popups within an image map to my MS
      HTML Help project. If the end user attempts to double-click (rather
      than single-click) the image map, they will sometimes receive a
      javascript error:


      [Internet Explorer Script Error]

      Line: 1563
      Char: 2
      Error: Access is Denied
      Code: 0
      URL: file://C:\HTMLHELP\PROJECT\Extender\CTRLMGR\CTRLMGR\rlt1345.htm

      Do you want to continue running scripts on the page?
      [Yes] [No]


      Environment details: Windows XP SP2, RoboHelp X5, Creating (.CHM) MS
      HTML Help project, IE 6 SP2

      The error is intermittent and only occurs when they double-click on
      the image map. I am able to easily reproduce the problem.

      Is there any way to modify the javascript to also handle double-
      clicks? Or even disable the ability to double click. I would rather
      not have the user see the error thrown at all.

      I appreciate any insight someone may have into this issue.

      Thanks in advance,
      Deana Falk
      Wilson WindowWare Inc.