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    external mp3 Audio Problem in Flash 9


      I got problem when loding and playing the mp3 songs in Flash 9 .The last 30 to 40% portion of mp3 file is not getting loaded so that the song is not playing completly .Song is stop before the end length(duration) of mp3.

      i am trying to use this code in FLASH 9

      var url:String = "my.mp3";
      var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url);
      var mp3:Sound = new Sound(request);
      mp3.addEventListener(Event.ID3, id3Handler)
      function id3Handler(event:Event):void {
      var song:Sound = Sound(event.target);
      var songInfo:ID3Info = ID3Info(song.id3);
      trace("ID3 loaded");
      trace("\t artist: " + songInfo.artist);
      trace("\t track: " + songInfo.track);
      trace("\t comment: " + songInfo.comment);
      trace("\t songName: " + songInfo.songName);

      anybody knows how to solve this issues pls, tell m ........