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    Help with Sound!


      I have a FLA file with 2 audio clips. In the FLA file, I have multiple movieclips, each referencing the same audio clips at multiple points in their timelines. I have these audio clips as "streams", loaded on a keyframe.

      It seems as though when I export the FLA to SWF, it's exporting the audio clips multiple times. I was hoping to be able to only have the audio clips exported once, with the multiple timelines referencing the audio -- to reduce the file size.

      Is this possible?

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          jthereliable Level 1
          With actionscript, it is, but I'm not sure with what you're doing.

          If you post your FLA file, I'll do it for you, but here's what you have to do:

          In the library, right click the audio file > Linkage...
          Check the "Export for Actionscript" and for the Identifier, put like "sound1" or whatever name you want.
          Do that to the second audio clip.

          At the first frame of everything, put:
          sound=new Sound();

          at each place you want to stream the sound, put:
          sound.attachSound("[the identifier name of the sound]")

          This will export it once, I'm not sure how to do it your way though.
          Hope this helps.
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            MacGyver_971 Level 1
            Thanks a lot! That worked!

            My SWF file reduced in size by half...

            Much appreciated,