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    how to detect  the Collission for duplicated movieclps

      Hey guys .. i am back with set of query..till now .. key press movement a rocket (mc) is moving left right up down in a defined stage area. and i am able to generate some fire balls randomize falling from top. this is just i am duplicating the movie clip(fireball_mc) .... now i want incase or when the rocket (mc) touch the fire ball programm shold detect the collsion and generate a score board. well for this i have tried a script for two movie clips ... wchich is working but ..i don know or i m not gettng the logic how to detect the collission for duplicated movie clips... well i m just giving the script for oinly 2 movie clips coliding...can any one tell me how to do it with randmize or duplkicated mcs??

      for 2 movie clip ...

      _root.mc1.onEnterFrame = function() {
      if(this.hitTest(_root.egg)) {
      _root.result="Oh no..... we are dead";
      } else {

      _root.result="we are going fine";


      (this is happening ..but let me know how can i get the same result for ranndom mcs)

      hope someone can help me out ...

      i appriciate ur valuable time to read this..

      thanking you