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    Why is it so laborious to insert table rows?

      I have a table that is at least 1,000 rows in length. I've used the shortcut Alt+A+I+R to insert a single table row, and I've found that if I select existing rows, such as five or ten at a time, I can insert that same number of rows in one action. However, to insert five rows at a time, it takes about 3-5 minutes. To insert 10 table rows at a time, it takes about 5-10 minutes.

      Is there anyway I can eliminate the time lag to insert table rows? I tried to create one new table of 1,000 rows initially, but RoboHelp limits the table creation to 100 rows at a time.

      thanks in advance,

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          Hi ChristyG

          I think what you are seeing is something inherent with the RoboHelp HTML editor. 1,000 rows is a pret-ty large table IMHO. The RoboHelp HTML WYSIWYG editor just wasn't designed to handle things that size. I'm just guessing here, but You probably also notice that you can easily "type ahead" in this topic and it looks as if you are typing i n s l o w m o t i o n.

          So unfortunately, I'm going to have to say that no, there is simply no way to "speed it up". The only possibility that comes to mind is to use a different HTML editor for such topics. I have no idea if Dreamweaver or other editors are up to that sort of task. Perhaps someone with more experience with different editors can comment on that.

          Sincerely... Rick
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            Even if you've never edited raw HTML code, you might try using the true code editor for this.

            If you highlight a row and then switch to the true code editor, the code for that row should be highlighted. A table row starts with <tr> and ends with </tr>.

            Edit: I just tried this with a large table, and I still got some delay when saving or switching back to WYSIWYG.
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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              IMHO the problem with editing the Truecode is when you switch back to the WYSIWYG. I have a table of around 500 rows in one of my topics - no way to avoid that - which thankfully I only have to update once per release. Using the truecode does work but everytime I swap back it feels like I'm taking my life in my hands as I fear the end of my RH world. I think Rick is right. RH was never designed for this type of abuse. Thank God it handles it pretty well.