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    to load webpages on movieclip

    danieldear Level 1
      i am starter in flash and i have a q
      i have a movieclip and i want to load a web page on it
      how to load a web page on flash stage (either using any component or with any method )

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          jthereliable Level 1
          Well, I don't know specifically what you need. But I don't think you can display the web page into Flash (because Flash doesn't support all the html tags in the textarea or w/e).
          However, if you just want to load the text with all the tags, that is possible. Just you can't display some things like <img> tag.

          loadvar = new LoadVars()

          loadvar.onLoad = function(success:Boolean)
          if (success)
          loadedHTML = this.toString()
          } else {
          trace("Error loading.")


          That should do the job. The html file will be at loadedHTML