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    Few picture questions on flash with a game


      I am making a flash game for where I work and I have a few questions. The game I am making is a sub making game. You would have so many seconds to make a sub. I am not an artistic person so drawing the bread, ham etc was out of my league. Therefore, I toke photographs of the items. I then went and edited them, deleted the background etc. My question though it this.
      One of the steps is cutting the bread so I have a pic with the bread not cut, then one where it has been cut and a knife. I was thinking that the player would click and drag the knife through the bread to cut it. My question is how I do that visually. I was thinking along the lines of having the game track the location of the knife and were its x coordinate is. It would change the layer level of the cut bread to be on top of the un-cut bread. The only thing though can a symbol be on two different layers at once and maintain what parts are on which layer? Alternatively, would I need to split the bread picture into tones of little slivers and make them all symbols and simply have the knife x coordinate bring up that little section of bread above the uncut section.
      I hope I am making sense. I have made some flash apps before but I am still learning flash. I think I might be in over my head 'eek'