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    dynamically creating objects

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      Does anyone know if you can dynamically create an object from the string
      name of the class?

      For example, if you have a class TestObj

      Instead of hard coding it like this:

      obj = new testObj();

      Could you do something like this:

      className = "TestObj";
      obj = new [className ]();

      or some such construct that would allow you to instaniate an a class on the


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          injpix Level 3
          That seems awkward to code like that. I suppose you can create a symbol in the library and have it access ‘TestObj’ then call it out onto the stage using attachMovie(). But it would seem that using a switch statement would even be more practicable for your request.
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            The code for defining an ActionScript class exists in its own .as file.

            class Cube (
            var length:Number;
            var height:Number;
            var width:Number;
            functionCube(tempLength:Number, temHeight:Number, tempWidth:Number) {
            length = tempLength;
            height =tempheight;
            width = tempWidth;
            function getVolume():Number {
            return length * height * width;
            After creating the class and saving it as an .as file in the same directory as your Flash authoring fie. You would create a new instance of the class in the following way:

            var myCube:Cube = new Cube(3, 2, 7);