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    Help With CFAJAX Suggest

      hey All. I could use a hand here. I am not too good with Javascript..just enough to get by.

      I am trying to implement the SUGGEST feature of CFAJAX. I used the example found here: http://jr-holmes.coldfusionjournal.com/cfajax_suggest.htm

      Basically I am trying to load a list of street names. However, when I load the page, I get the following error in the firefox js console:

      Error: missing formal parameter
      Source File: http://sideshow/cfajax/search.cfm
      Line: 32, Column: 23
      Source Code:
      function getDataResult(return){

      I have attached my code that includes the getDataResult function(where it appears to be erroring). If anyone can help me out, I would really appreciate it.