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    Problems connecting to remote website using Contribute Keys


      I am trying to install Contribute across a school network and want to use keys to allow users to connect to the school website so that they do not have to manually enter connection settings etc.

      I install Contribute on a machine and then set up a connection for a user manually, and can connect to the remote website. I then log off and log in as another user and manually set up the connection and again I can access the remote website.

      As I have over 50 network users who access various PC’s across the network I want to a key so that non technical users can easily setup their Contribute connection and avoid having to manually enter all the connection details each time they use a new machine.

      I have tried to use a key sent from Contribute, however this fails and I get the message:

      Unknown host: Contribute could not find the server www.colstons.bristol.sch.uk. Please check you connection information or contact your administrator.

      Clicking on ok to clear the dialogue box brings this message:

      "Contribute could not verify your connection key. A network connection to the server could not be established. Please contact your administrator for assistance".

      I have tried various settings with the key - manually adding the ftp proxy settings and port number (as when setting up a manual connection) and using the settings I am using to send a key.

      I have no problems connecting Contribute to our school intranet and have tested keys in this way without problem.

      Our web site is hosted externally to the main school network and we have to pass through our own proxy server and the lea proxy for Bristol. The school proxy runs ISA and the LEA Squid but cause no apparent problems when the connection is made manually.

      Some help or suggestions would be appreciated.