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    Frame rate issue

    clear_design Level 1
      I have a swf movie set to 25fps and once this movie reaches the end it loads another swf that is supposed to play at 6fps. However the problem is it just plays at the previous movies framerate!

      How can i re-set the framerate so the 2nd movie plays at 6fps?

      thanks in advance
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          Rothrock Level 5
          You can't. The first movie that is loaded into the _level0 timeline defines the frame rate for that occurrence of the Flash Player. If this is on a webpage you can probably have the page reload itself (using Javascript that I don't know) and then it will be a new instance of the Flash Player.

          Other tricks would be to search the forums here. Kglad has posted some nice code that lets a movie fake different framerates.

          Or you could redo the 6fps at 25.

          Personally I try and do all my swfs at one framerate – unless I have a specifically good reason not to. In my case 21 fps. That way you develop a feel for that rate. I know some other folks here do similar or they have one general rate for web and another this kind of project or another for that.