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    Flash Sprite Looping Problem

    jgsing Level 1
      I am using Director MX2004 with latest 10.1 update
      Windows XP Pro sp2
      Flash 8
      I have a bunch of Flash swf files that are animations with "synch" audio.
      They play fine and loop correctly within Flash 8 and as stand alone files in the Flash Player.
      But, when I bring them into Director and put them on the stage and then loop on a frame they behave strangely.
      There is an extra "beat" added to the playback each time the Flash Sprite loops. This a 1/10 second or so delay in the playback. The Flash was done at 24fps and I am playing at 24 fps.
      The frame I am sitting in Director while the Flash Loops has a simple "exitFrame go to the frame" script. I want to have 5 "singing" sprites going at once but the problem will happen with a single one.
      If I turn off audio in the Flash Member sprite the problem goes away.
      The problem happens in the Director IDE and with the .dir file launched by a stub projector.

      Does anyone have any idea why this could be happening?

      John Singer