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    Dynamic link to external files

      Is there a way to dynamically link to an external file? Currently, when you link to a file, RH puts a copy of it in its working directory and lists it as a Baggage File. Once that's done, that file's dead; if the original file gets updated, I have to manually re-link to that file so that it can update its Baggage File version of the file. If the original file gets updated 30 times per week, that's 30 manual udpates I would have to do. (Or once at compile time, but even that's a stretch to have to remember!)

      Is there a way to link to that always-evolving file and so that it only grabs a copy of it at compile time?
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          I don't think this is built in to RoboHelp - I don't have the latest version, though. I take it this file is not HTML. What type of file might make a difference in how any workaround is implemeted.

          My first thought would be to make it always external but then it has to be shipped with the CHM file. To link to an external file, Micosoft has a javascript function called parser which will find the correct path if it is installed in the same directory as the .chm. This is explained in HelpWorkshop's help file. I could send you the code if you'd like.

          In using this, I have found that every file type responds differently - some open directly in help viewer, some open their own application, and some throw up a dialog that it might be unsafe.

          Another option would be to have it edited while in your RoboHelp project directory. i.e. consider that file the "original." Unfortunately, I think you'd have to share the entire project to allow someone to do this and that might open another can of worms.

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