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    Error Creating Item

      I've created a custom component based on the examples from the tutorial. For a while, the custom component rendered fine in the Design mode but now I'm getting the following warning message:

      Design mode: Error creating item LoginBox in parent Application. Please choose Design > Refresh to refresh design mode.

      When I refresh the design mode, the warning still appears. If I run the application, the component shows up fine. I'm stumped on this one. Why doesn't the Design mode render the component. Here's the MXML basics for the component:

      <mx:Panel ...>

      [Event(name="loginSubmit", type="flash.events.Event")]


      <mx:WebService> ... </mx:WebService>

      <mx:Label x="15" y="10" text="Username"/>
      <mx:Label x="21" y="46" text="Password"/>
      <mx:TextInput x="85" y="8" id="txtUID" width="200"/>
      <mx:TextInput x="85" y="44" id="txtPWD" displayAsPassword="true" width="200"/>
      <mx:Button x="229" y="78" label="Login" click="submit()"/>
      <mx:Label x="10" y="80" id="errMsg" fontWeight="bold" width="211" textAlign="center" color="#ff0000"/>

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          dishmael Level 1
          /bump - still having this problem. Has anyone else had a similar problem with custom components not rendering in the design view? What did you do to fix the problem? This issue is annoying when you're trying to make changes through the design view.
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            ntsiii Level 3
            Make sure you have the latest Flash Player, and are using the release version of Flex Builder or the framework.

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              dishmael Level 1
              I have the latest version of Flash for my browser (Flash 9 I believe) and I installed the release version of Flex Builder (not sure if there's a newer version, I'll download the latest version and reinstall just in case). Is there a log file for Flex Builder that would tell me what the exact reason is? Maybe I should look there for answers.