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    Problem with official tutorial

    aleksandar2103 Level 1
      Hello fellows,

      I’ve got an doubt about tutorial that is on the net. I have installed trial version and wanted to start with Flex, and I took tour on tutorial that is on
      but I’ve meet next problems:

      <mx:Array id="identifier">
      <label>literal string</label>
      <data>another literal string</data>

      This yield syntax error and only works if I write
      <mx:Object label=”…” data=”…” />

      After I added list, button, event and …

      <mx:List id="cart"/>
      function addToCart():Void {

      But there is a message that function addItem doesn’t exist on the list object. I was looking on the documentation and there is only addChild method that receive object of type DisplayObject.

      Ok, probably you can notice by now that I am really newbie to Flex but I would be very thankful if someone can point me what is wrong and where to look for better and more accurately tutorial.

      Thanks in advance for your effort and time.