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    Looping segments of FLV


      I have a video in FLV format embed into my document.

      I added an instance on the stage before export.

      Now between frame 73 and frame 120 I have a loop.
      When I loop this by manipulating the timeline it has a side effect.
      The movie jerks as it tracks back to the first frame in the loop.

      Now I have read about using listeners but only in respect to using them with the FLV component.
      I dont dont wish to use this component if at all possible.
      Another thing I noticed is that this wont solve my problem as it listens for the end of the FLV file or you are left with cue points.

      I dont have any cue points in the file from rendering.

      When I had previously placed JPEGs on the stage instead of the FLV it looped perfectly.
      This seems to be specifically to do with the FLVs playhead.

      So my question is how can I avoid this loop with my FLV embed (not dynamically loaded) and without the FLV controller or cue points?
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          Doublezer0 Level 1
          Hey again

          I still cannot solve this problem. i cannot find any documentation about using FLV's directly ont he main timeline without an FLVPlayback controller.

          When I tried using the FLV playback controller I found that it wouldnt load my FLV. Neither by changing the component property of contentPath() or using actionscript.

          I really need to get this sort or my whole concept and work will be scrapped or I will have to have at least twice the filesize in images.

          From testing the b/w using the graphs I noticed that when I reach the frame of my loop that sends the mc.timeline back to the start of the loop the flash is stalling. It stalls so much I can read that it stalls on frame 119 and occassionally frame 118. there is a pause of around 6-800 milliseconds then it moves the playhead.

          Anyone used flv on the timeline run into this problem and knows a solution I would be most grateful.

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            Doublezer0 Level 1

            this problem has to have a solution :(
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              Doublezer0 Level 1

              heres the story so far.

              Ive done what is said above and ive since gone and made a test.fla to completely understand the entire process of manipulating flv's.

              I have my file streaming in no problem when viewed on my webserver.
              My only problem is I cannot get it to seek using any methods.

              I have the extensions for the FLVPlayer installed but as the code is is in the manual anyway I have been using my own code on the timeline.

              I have a debug window showing me when it reads a cuepoint, what metadata is received, what state the movie is in and every other bit of information I need.
              It doesnt ever report back that it is in a streaming state.

              My only conclusion at this time is that maybe I need to create it as a netStream object even whilst using the FLVPlayer (rendering it rather useless imho).

              Im going to go test the netStream method right now but if any of you can come up with any ideas id appreciate it greatly as this problem has held me back for a couple of days now.

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                Nickels55 Level 2
                It sounds like you are embedding the movie in the timeline. If it has sound this will eventually lose sync, especially if you jump around on the timeline. I don't get why your video has a loop in the middle, but it sounds like something that should be added manually in something like Premiere. Post an example if you want more help, but its the holidays so I may not check back for a bit.
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                  Doublezer0 Level 1
                  thanks for reply.

                  I have remade this 4 times now.

                  version 1: jpegs on the timeline. no lag when looping. code worked fine. filesize 3.2mb

                  version 2: FLV file embed into the document. 6-800ms lag when seeking back. code works fine. filesize 1.3mb

                  version 3: FLV loaded into an FLVPlayer Component. everything works fine apart from seek. seek listener never fires.

                  version 4: FLV loaded with NetConnection(); everything works find apart from seek. seek listener never fires.

                  I have remade the flv to contain more keyframes with no joy.

                  My code is pasted here.
                  Netstream code
                  FLVPlayer component code

                  An example is here.
                  FLVPlayer example
                  NetConnection example

                  I dont have a listener on the dynamic text that acts as the status_txt so you will have to scroll yourself.

                  Please excuse my lack of a buffer or anything. reload the page if it stops at an angle. its on my todo list.
                  Click the movie to start it rotating once its got into position and paused.
                  Instead of returning to the previous cuepoints or seeking back when using seek() directly it simply doesnt. it carries on even tho it finds the cuepoint.

                  Really need help to get past this already lengthy hurdle.